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What’s it like? ‘McIntosh’ has juicy white flesh and is sweet with a tang. It’s a favorite apple for eating out of hand but is also widely used in salads and sauces and pies and is a mainstay in fresh cider. ‘McIntosh’s tender flesh cooks down quickly and makes a great thickener for pies. ‘McIntosh’ is an apple for those seeking the classic flavor and texture of times gone by.

Background. In 1796, John ‘McIntosh’, from the Mohawk Valley in New York, transplanted some wild apple saplings he’d found near his homestead of Dundela, Ontario. One of the trees survived to produce fruit of such tangy allure and aromatic fragrance that it became well known in the region. This apple gained a large following and came to be known as ‘McIntosh’ Red. The variety is thought to be related to the ‘Fameuse’ apple of the region and has been a mainstay for New York apple growers and eaters for many years.

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