The New Kindred Spirits

The All-New Bible of Spirits

In 2008, F. Paul Pacult published the second edition of his groundbreaking book of reviews, Kindred Spirits. In the dozen years since, interest in distilled spirits has exploded, and craft distilleries have popped up around the country and the world.

Now, in The New Kindred Spirits, Pacult provides a new and comprehensive compilation of more than 2,000 detailed evaluations of whiskeys, brandies, vodkas, tequilas, rums, gins, and liqueurs—an indispensable reference for any spirits enthusiast or professional.

The New Kindred Spirits is essential for:

Consumers who are just beginning their personal adventure in spirits and want the dependable tutelage of the expert whom Imbibe Magazine recently called “…an all-knowing spirituous oracle, a J.D. Power of liquor.”

Seasoned spirits consumers looking to expand their repertoire and in need of a reliable, highly detailed purchasing guide.

Industry insiders who would like to increase their knowledge about all spirits categories—and see what the competition is up to.

Retailers looking for both a trusted guide to help their clientele make buying decisions, and an educational textbook for their sales staff.

Restauranteurs/bar owners/bartenders who sell spirits and need to know more about them in a time of increasingly knowledgeable customers.

Journalists, educators and other writers who regularly or occasionally cover or teach distilled spirits and mixology.

New in this edition, The New Kindred Spirits will also cover the craft distiller explosion—wherein thousands of small, independent distillers burst onto the scene—through hundreds of reviews of craft spirits.

Praise for The New Kindred Spirits:
“I doubt that there is an ethanol category (potable alcohol) world-wide that F. Paul Pacult has not evaluated exhaustively. Pacult has developed relationships with the world’s top distillers over the last thirty years that have given him up close and personal access to the explosion of alcohol beverage offerings over that time. This is especially true over the last twenty years that have defined an unprecedented golden age of fine spirits. As a bartender, the two previous Kindred Spirits have been my go-to guides to the right spirits to define the flavor profile I want to achieve in my cocktails. And now The New Kindred Spirits expands that knowledge base to previously little-known spirit categories and to the emerging category of artisanal distilleries.”
Dale DeGroff, aka “Kingcocktail” & author The New Craft of the Cocktail

“Fueled by a genuine passion for distilled spirits and more than two decades on, F. Paul Pacult’s The New Kindred Spirits continues to answer the need for credible and thoughtful guidance on how to unlock the world of spirits for our greater enjoyment.  Paul’s independent views and meticulous tasting regimen deliver critiques to trust for the most advanced connoisseur through to the keenest of casual spirits hobbyists. By drawing back the curtain on where tasting notes come from Paul makes the reading of each spirit review all the more meaningful, inviting us each to develop our own vocabulary around the spirits we enjoy and would recommend to friends.”
Charlotte Voisey, Global Head of Brand Ambassador Advocacy, William Grant & Sons Inc.